Shaun Dona

HGH and Human Body

Michael Young

Growth hormone offers a lot of advantages to the human body. For this reason it is used for treatment of hormonal deficiencies in grown-ups and growth disorders in children. Human growth hormone can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, improve bone density, improve texture and tone of skin, increase energy levels, enhance sexual function and contribute to functioning of the immune system.

Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone as it deals with building up substances of the body necessary for its proper development and growth. Human growth hormone interacts with a definite receptor on the cells and in this way improves their growth. Due to this interaction body cells and tissues start to grow and develop faster. It is known that human growth hormone is not fat soluble, but it can bind to the receptors of cells and activate a second messenger stimulating the multiplication and division of chondrocytes of cartilage.

In addition, human growth hormone is able to stimulate the release of an insulin-like growth hormone. It is known as growth factor which is produced by the human liver. It facilitates the development and growth of bone cells, as well as burning of fat and glucose present in the blood stream. It also facilitates the development of cartilage.

Beside these things, HGH have many other benefits for the body. It can increase calcium retention, and as a result, increase and strengthen the mineralization of human bones. It also increases protein synthesis, promotes lipolysis, increases the mass of muscles via sarcomere hyperplasia, and regulates the process of using energy by our body.