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Red Marine Algae Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Red Marine Algae Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More! Michael Young

Red Marine Algae is a dietary supplement based on red algae. The product is manufactured by the company called Pure which has its own official website. The latter is not very informative, however, it offers a number of other products which will be named later in this review. Red Marine Algae is used to support a healthy immune response to different fungi, bacteria, and viral pathogens. It is said to start acting fast and is completely natural. According to the official website, Pure Planet products are non GMO, pure, and natural. They are said not to contain any excipients, fillers, binders, or flow agents. The items don't contain herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals either. Red Marine Algae is sourced from the cold Northern Atlantic where it naturally grows in big quantities.

The company behind the product is called Pure Planet. It also offers a number of other products including Amla C Plus, Pure Planet Green Kamut Wheatgrass, Amla C Plus 500mg Pure Planet, Best Of Greens, Pure Planet Amla Plus Powder, Pure Planet JUust Barley Powder, Pure Planet Tart Cherry Concentrate and some others. Let us try to understand whether Red Marine Algae really works by studying it more deeply.

Ingredients of Red Marine Algae - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Red Marine Algae is an extract of a natural algae from the phylum Rhodophyta. It is one of the largest groups of algae in the world growing in shallow waters. Red algae has a vivid color and delicate leaf structure. This plant has been traditionally used in Asian cuisine for many years. It is interesting to know that red algae is a natural source of the carotenoid pigment astaxanthin. It is known for containing carrageenan, a type of natural carbohydrate (polysaccharide). This substance is often used as a gelling agent or a thickener in baked goods.

red marine algae

Marine algae is a part of the diet of Eastern civilizations due to the high content of fiber, protein, and vitamins. It also has several health benefits including its ability to fight free radicals and viruses. Another benefit of red marine algae is its antioxidant effect. It also serves as an anti-viral compound due to the content of carrageenans, sugar molecules that are believed to increase interferon production in the human immune system. It can prevent such diseases as shingles, HIV, and cold sores.

Another name of Red Marine Algae is Carrageenan. It is used for the treatment of such medicinal conditions as tuberculosis, bronchitis, coughs, and intestinal problems. The French sometimes use it as a bulk laxative and to treat peptic ulcers. Some people apply the algae directly to the skin for the anus discomfort. Carrageenan contains a number of certain chemicals that are able to decrease intestinal and stomach secretions. Their large amounts seem to pull water into the intestine. This is the reason why this compound has a laxative effect. Carrageenan can be also used to decrease swelling (inflammation) and pain.

Other ingredients in the product include Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, and vegetable magnesium stearate. As you can see, this supplement contains some chemical ingredients. Besides, the dosage of Red Marine Algae in the product is not listed, so it is difficult to say whether it will work effectively. Let us have a look at possible side effects which can be caused by the supplement.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Red Marine Algae does not mention any adverse reactions which can occur in people taking this dietary supplement. They only provide a few warnings on the official website of the product. For example, it is said that Red Marine Algae should be avoided by pregnant or lactating women, hypoglycemics, diabetics, and people with known medical conditions or those who take some drugs or supplements on a regular basis. In any case, you should consult a licensed physician or doctor prior to using this dietary supplement. Keep the open bottle out of reach of kids, as it can be dangerous for their health.

The main ingredient of the product, Carrageenan is considered to be safe for most people when used in food amounts. However, there is a chemically changed form of carrageenan used for the treatment of peptic ulcers. It can be unsafe as it can cause cancer. People with bleeding disorders should be cautious when taking Red Marine Algae, as this product might low down blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding. The same precaution should be taken by patients with low blood pressure. Red Marine Algae might lower blood pressure and endanger the health of these individuals. As Red Marine Algae might lower blood pressure and slow blood clotting, it should not be used at least two weeks before or after surgical procedures. Here are what real users are saying about the use of the product online.

"I took Red Marine Algae every day. One bottle has already finished bottle but I still see no difference in my well-being and health. Beware, as this staff may cause discomfort. It gave me a headache, while my wife experienced an allergic reaction. She got bumps all over her hands and arms."

"This is the first time I bought RedMarine Algae. Be very careful when taking this product, it contains a lot of iodine which can be dangerous for people with certain thyroid diseases. I took this supplement as directed for a few weeks and it harmed my thyroid seriously."

"I have been taking Red Marine algae for a couple of weeks but I haven't noticed any change in my symptoms. I am going to continue trying this supplement and hope for the best. At least I don't have any side effects like other users."

Where To Buy Red Marine Algae?

Amazon offers Red Marine Algae Plus from Pure Planet (90 Caps) for $28. The Shipping is free on orders over $35. However, I would recommend buying products of this kind from the official website only. The supplements are not available on GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend Red Marine Algae to usage for a number of reasons. The first one is ineffectiveness of the product. It doesn't seem to cause any positive changes in the health and general well-being of its users. Second, the supplement is associated with certain side effects. What I like about Red Marine Algae is its availability on many retail stores. If you want to improve your health, it is better to opt for checked products with more reliable reviews.

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