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SeroVital-HGH is produced by the American company which has its own website. The latter is not very informative - it contains no information about the ingredients and possible side effects of the product. At the same time there are many testimonials about SeroVital-HGH. As you can guess, all of them are positive but you will never know whom they were written by - true users or the administration of the site. SeroVital-HGH website also sells products for skin care, so SeroVital-HGH is not from the category of products manufactured by the company... read more

Patriot Power Greens

Patriot Power Greens is a green drink that claims to be initially created for elite military personnel only in order to increase energy levels and to restore vitality in military men. It is said to have the power of 10 probiotics, 38 fruits and vegetables, and 7 digestive enzymes. The original formula was created in the USA to boost the vigor and support endurance in elderly veterans of the country... read more

GenF20 Plus

As we get older, our health worsens and we start looking differently. Diverse factors influence this process, both negatively and positively, including the way of life, health conditions, infections, environment, etc. Our aging process depends on how we work and where we live. All people age but can experience it in different ways. Of course, aging is inevitable, but it is possible to slow down this process... read more

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Recapture 360

Christie Brinkley Skin Care is a badly known cosmetic brand that was launched by Christie Brinkley, an American model. This company offers different products for skin care that claim to have anti-aging properties, are able to prevent appearance of dark spots on face, to reduce wrinkles, and protect skin from ultraviolet sunrays... read more


Niagen was discovered in late 2013 during research involving mice. As this study occurred quite recently, the product deserves our thorough attention. We need to define whether it is a worthy supplement or another scam. So, that research was performed by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School and demonstrated that a mouse's cell age reduced from 2 years to 6 months after it was given a special compound called Nicotinamide Riboside... read more

Growth Factor-9

Growth Factor-9 is a supplement which is supposed to support the increase of your hormone levels. It is claimed that the combination of l-lysine HCL, l-arginine HCL, oxo-proline, n-acetyl cysteine, l-glutamine and Schizonepeta powder is going to help you in unleashing your total performance. Actually, Growth Factor-9 is a Human Growth Hormone releaser produced by Novex Biotech which aim is to boost your physical performance... read more


Cenegenics is produced by a badly-known American Company Cenegenics Denver. It has an official website which seems to be non-informative at all. It offers only one product without any useful information such as its ingredients or possible side-effects. As the manufacturer claims, Cenegenics is meant to maximize one's vitality, health, and wellness... read more

Revitol Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream

All of us will age sooner or later and this process cannot be stopped. Wrinkles are considered to be one of the aging signs. They are caused, in fact, not only by aging. There are many factors some of which you can control, while others you can't. The first one is age. Our skin naturally becomes more fragile and less elastic as we get older... read more

Bella Gold Serum

Bella Gold Serum is a quite new anti-aging product on the market. It is manufactured by a bad-known company located in St. Petersburg, the USA. Its complete address is PO Box 41542, St. Petersburg, FL 33743. There is an official product's website which is not very informative, though. It gives no information about the cream's ingredients and possible adverse reactions, even though the manufacturer describes how the formula works... read more

HGH Factor

Nowadays you can see a great number of Hgh supplements offered on the market. All of them claim both to help enhancing lean muscle and helping you to lose weight. Hgh Factor is also a product from this category of supplements. That is why we decided to provide you with the results of our research which aim was to check whether it really works as it claims or it is just one more fake... read more


Somatomax has been created by Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals. According to the producer this is a very helpful nighttime formula that contains ingredients which can enhance natural drowsiness and improve healthy sleep. The formula claims to help you in achieving a deeper and restful sleep which results into energy level and better muscle recovery. However, there is some controversion about this supplement... read more


Midogen is an anti-aging dietary supplement meant for daily usage by both men and women. The product claims to provide the user with a daily supply of powerful antioxidants to improve the overall health of this person. According to the Live Cell Research, this supplement was called a "breakthrough" in the field of anti-aging products. The company claims that Midogen has been tested by third parties but its benefits have not been verified... read more

Dietary Supplements to Stimulate Human Growth Hormone Release

Growth hormone dietary supplements are designed to help the human body to produce the hormone. The market offers a great variety of products for supplementing this hormone and they are usually homeopathic substitutes of GH or precursors. These supplements are meant to be added to the diet to enhance the release of HGH. Available forms include powders, pills, and capsules all of which are to be taken orally... read more

HGH and Bodybuilding

Human growth hormone is an anabolic hormone, which means that it takes part in the process of building muscles and other body tissues except the brain. HGH works by interacting with a unique receptor on the surface of cells. This is a general principle of work of all protein hormones... read more

HGH and Human Body

Growth hormone offers a lot of advantages to the human body. For this reason it is used for treatment of hormonal deficiencies in grown-ups and growth disorders in children... read more

Why Are HGH Injections Dangerous?

Injectable human growth hormone really improves growth and increases human strength, but it can be very dangerous, especially when its use in not guided by a doctor. One of the risks which a person may face is the danger of acromegaly. The latter is a condition which occurs when a person has too much human growth hormone in the organism... read more