Shaun Dona

Why Are HGH Injections Dangerous?

Michael Young

Injectable human growth hormone really improves growth and increases human strength, but it can be very dangerous, especially when its use in not guided by a doctor. One of the risks which a person may face is the danger of acromegaly. The latter is a condition which occurs when a person has too much human growth hormone in the organism. The results of this disease impress - an overgrowth of bones and body tissues. The jaw and eyebrow bone get too big in size, as well as the feet and hands. The cosmetic look is not that dangerous, what is more dangerous is the enlargement of inner organs such as the liver, heart, and thyroid. Human growth hormone can increase the size of the heart so significantly that it may start function in the wrong way. This can lead to the strain of the heart and even to its failure. Finally, the person may die.

Acromegaly may lead to another risk - liver enlargement which can even result in liver failure. It's clear that human growth hormone can become the reason of serious damage to the human liver and thyroid gland.

Another risk connected with using an HGH is the development of diabetes. This happens because human growth hormone can change the levels of blood sugar and insulin in the body. As a result, hypoglycemia may occur, and such a low level of insulin can make a person diabetic. A diabetic person is vulnerable to many different health issues, such as non-healing wounds, glaucoma or blindness, weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, atherosclerosis, recurrent infections and kidney failure.

The next risk is psychological effects because of the usage of human growth hormone. Just like any other steroid, it can easily change the user's mood and result in sharp adrenaline swings. This can result in sudden outbursts of unjustified violence or temper or simply excessive depression.