Shaun Dona

Dietary Supplements to Stimulate Human Growth Hormone Release

Michael Young

Growth hormone dietary supplements are designed to help the human body to produce the hormone. The market offers a great variety of products for supplementing this hormone and they are usually homeopathic substitutes of GH or precursors. These supplements are meant to be added to the diet to enhance the release of HGH. Available forms include powders, pills, and capsules all of which are to be taken orally. The human intestine can easily digest them.

The supplements of this kind stimulate the natural production of the hormone and increase sexual vigor, energy levels, health of hair and skin, reduce undesired weight and enhance the immune system of a person. In addition, these compounds are able to diminish the pain in the joints, to burn body fat and cope with a mental stress. Due to these properties they naturally slow down the process of aging and help the user stay young for longer. HGH supplements assist to get rid of the major signs of aging.

Human growth agent (HGA) is a substitute for HGH in the form of a herbal spray. It can be easily absorbed in the mouth and directed to the blood stream. The ingredients of HGA include amino acids, ornithine alpha ketoglutarate, alpha GPC, L-Dopa Bean Ext, L-valine, and Moomiyo Ext. all of these substances promise to improve athletic performance, remove depressive mood, to heal wounds, stimulate natural release of the growth hormone, boost energy, reduce pain in joints, and decrease the signs of aging.