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ClearPores Reviews

Michael Young

Each of us faces the problem of clogged pores, believe it or not. Usually it looks like acne flares up right before a wedding or the prom? You may not be thinking. But why do clogged pores happen? In general, pores play an important role in the life of each person. They are actually your body's way to stay clean as they remove unnecessary stuff from your body. Human skin contains glands called sebaceous glands. They are responsible for excreting oil known as sebum. The latter acts like a glue for dead skin cells. These cells are excreted from the body through the pores. In this way, the skin stays healthy. As the glands remove this substance, build-up can occur and you may get clogged pores. An infection can occur that is known as a pimple or blackhead.

Certain factors can promote the occurrence of blocked pores. These include pollution, makeup, and hormonal changes. The more oil is produced, the higher chance of clogged pores. This condition can negatively affect the skin even after the pimple has healed. Repetitive acne can dilate and stretch pores, thus, they become more prone to acne and blockage. Severe acne may cause scarring that is difficult to remove. Scars are formed when the skin produced too much collagen in order to heal the infection. Thus, the affected area gets raised and red forming scar tissue. This is when facial imperfections can occur.

What Is ClearPores and How The Product Called Clear Pores Can Help?


There are many ways of dealing with clogged pores. Today we are going to discuss a natural three-step anti-acne system called ClearPores. This system combats acne from the inside-out and provides the user with the tools necessary to prevent this problem in future. It combats acne on the body and face. Clear Pores system includes a deep facial wash, daily herbal supplement, and protection cream. The product promises to bring visible results within 90 days of usage. There is scientific evidence confirming the fact that it fights acne effectively.

The herbal supplement will provide your body with prebiotics, food for friendly bacteria, that are highly beneficial for the immune system of the user. As a result, your body will be enabled to fight bacterial inflammation. The cleanser is suitable for acne-prone skin, as it has healing and soothing effects. The protection cream works in a mild way not to cause irritation, but to remove debris that clogs pores of your skin. Let us have a look at the ingredients in these three products to understand how they work.

Ingredients of ClearPores - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

burdock root

The Clear Pores system is manufactured by a well-known and reputable company located in the USA. It is also known for making some other skincare products. The system works in three basic steps. Let's have a closer look at each of them. The first step involves fighting acne from the root. It means that acne may be the symptom of much deeper processes in the human body. Acne takes place when the linings of pores shed skin and trap oil and bacteria inside. The mixture of acne bacteria, cellular debris, and excess skin oil can block the pore creating a whitehead or blackhead. The immune system attacks the acne bacteria and causes the formation of a pimple. Acne breakouts are also triggered by internal factors, such as sluggish digestion, hormone imbalances, stress, and liver dysfunction. ClearPores has an herbal formula that can correct the internal imbalances to reduce skin problems. Let us take a look at the ingredients in the supplement offered by the system.

dandelion root

Dandelion root is responsible for the stimulation of bile flow from the liver, improving bowel movements. Its regular use helps to maintain colonies of Lactobacillus bacteria in the colon, which are vital for the immune system. The latter is enabled to combat minor bacterial infections, such as inflammation and acne. Burdock root is known for containing chemicals that interfere with the action of collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen. This can significantly prevent the spread of acne. Echinacea purpurea makes T-cells combat bacteria. It also reduces the amount of inflammation provoked by the immune system in response to the infection. Aloe vera acts as a laxative. It also complements the function of dandelion root. Yellow dock contains compounds known for the ability to combat staph infections. For better effect, these compounds should be treated with alcohol. Sarsaparilla is a traditional herb that is believed to effectively cure skin infections.

The second step involves cleansing the skin with a ClearPores cleanser to prevent further breakouts. This cleanser contains gentle ingredients meant to remove makeup and excess oil from your skin without harming or damaging your skin and pores. The major ingredients in the ClearPores cleanser are glycerin, water, and glycerol stearate. Water is responsible for rinsing away dirt and moisturizing of your skin. Pure water travels through tiny channels into the deeper layers of your skin supplying it with the necessary nutrients. Glycerine, also known as glycerol, protects the skin from drying out, which may occur to sensitive skin mostly. It is non-toxic and can be safely used even for making foods. Glycerol is a good way to dissolve sebum in your skin pores. The ClearPores cleanser contains nothing that can dry out your skin or lead to inflammation, which makes this product suitable even for sensitive skin.


The third step presupposes supplying your skin with a healthy glow with the help of the Protection Cream. This product promises to protect your skin from breakouts in the future. It contains proper ingredients to meet this purpose. For instance, glycolic acid strips away clumps of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and the linings of pores. Salicylic acid breaks up oily sebum and decreases irritation. These ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and open pores. Skin with healthy capillaries will provide your skin with an attractive glow. Freely draining pores are less subjected to being clogged.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The makers of ClearPores system have chosen natural and safe ingredients for making your skin healthier and more glowing. They are able not only to nourish your skin but also to keep your pores open. This anti-acne product contains the right amounts of components not to burn the skin or to cause any side effects or allergic reactions. The Clear Pores Protection Cream contains potassium hydroxide that can buffer the effect of other ingredients. The pH of this product is higher, thus, it will have a faster effect on your skin. There are many users' reviews online. Most of them have a positive character. Let us have a look at some of these testimonials.

Why Should You Choose It?

ClearPores will certainly help you to clear up your skin, even though you won't see the results overnight. This product is suitable for people with fair, dry skin. It can be helpful even for those who has a problem with acne scarring. This system will significantly improve your look.


ClearPores is a natural skincare system that works without causing any side effects. The probiotic supplement has an herbal formula that will actually clear up your skin over a month or two. The cleanser is great to treat the skin with pimples. The protection cream is suitable even for people with sensitive skin.

How to Use ClearPores?

The cleanser should be used twice a day. Apply it to clean dry skin in the morning and before going to bed. After that, you are recommended to apply the Protection cream. The supplement has to be taken twice a day with a full glass of water.

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend using ClearPores skincare system to all people suffering from acne issues. It has already helped people all over the world to get rid of acne since 2006. You will also get great results. The company provides high-quality customer service with transparent billing. You will never be charged strange fees or astronomical shipping fees. The company also provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you may not be afraid of buying this product. You will like the confidence you are going to get due to this systems of skincare products. ClearPores does not cause any side effects or allergic reactions and is associated with positive feedback.

Where To Buy ClearPores?

It is a good idea to buy ClearPores directly from the official website to be sure that you get a legitimate product. You can also receive a full refund and benefit from several discounts. The product isn't available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

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